Birmingham Ensemble for Electroacoustic Research

The ensemble was founded in 2011 as a research project to explore aspects of realtime electroacoustic music making. Particular interests include networked music performance and live coding. Musical influences run the gamut from Xenakis to Journey. Featuring Rosalyn Coull, Norah Lorway, Konstantinos Vasilakos, Tim Moyers, and Scott Wilson.

For our performance we’ll draw largely on two of our compositions: Telepathic, and Pea Stew. Telepathic uses a shared network clock to allow polyrhythmic interaction, tight synchronisation, and semi-aleatoric tempo changes between the different performers. Pea Stew takes Nicolas Collins classic work Pea Soup as a point of departure. Using wireless networking we create a meshed inputless feedback network between all the performers. Once seeded with noise, performers use live coding techniques to intervene in the signal chain. The result is collectively produced, and indeterminate: While every change has an effect, the system is too complicated to allow for the result to be predictable.