live.code.festival featured a large variety of concerts with artists from around the world, ranging from solo performers to laptop orchestras. Two special concerts featured live coding of a Disklavier on Saturday and a “laptops unplugged” live coding session on Sunday.

Electroacoustic I

Friday, April 19th – 17:30, MUTProbe 1

Benoît and the Mandelbrots, Andrew R. Brown, André Damião,
Charles Céleste Hutchins, Alexandra Cárdenas

Laptop Ensembles Concert

Friday, April 19th – 21:00, MUTProbe 1

Cybernetic Orchestra + extramuros, BEER, Glitch Lich

Electroacoustic II

Saturday, April 20th – 16:15, MUTProbe 1

Codetroller, Till Bovermann + Sara Hildebrand Marques Lopes,
Stéphane Shibatsuji-Perrin, Shelly Knotts + Alo Allik

Disklavier Concert

Saturday, April 20th – 18:45, Schloss Gottesaue Hörsaal

Nick Collins, Marcel Wierckx + Anne Veinberg, Andrew Sorensen


Sunday, April 21st – 13:30, MUTProbe 1

Unplugged laptop improvisation.
Free admission as long as seats are available.