Cybernetic Orchestra + extramuros (CA)

The Cybernetic Orchestra’s concert performance will include compositions from our recent albums (esp.beat and Shift) as well as new compositions, short free improvisations and a trio + orchestra performance with live coding trio extramuros. Compositions to be performed include Delineate by Heather Kirby, Serendipity by Amy McIntosh, and Revolution by Aaron Hutchinson, as well as a new composition by David Ogborn and a collaborative composition by multiple members of the orchestra. All of these compositions/improvisations will feature the central performance practice of the Cybernetic Orchestra: live coding in ChucK with the miniAudicle – with sharing and coordination facilitated by the EspGrid software. Some of the compositions will demonstrate an emergent feature of the work of the orchestra: an aggressive and physical style of live coding in which new shreds (threads) are added (launched) frequently and sometimes in conjunction with other physical actions by the performers.

Cybernetic Orchestra

Cybernetic Orchestra

Cybernetic OrchestraThe Cybernetic Orchestra is McMaster University’s laptop orchestra, open to the entire University community and now entering its fourth year of activity. The orchestra specializes in live coding – programming in front of the audience (often using the ChucK language) to realize intricate improvisations and compositions. Key non-human members of the Orchestra include a gigabit ethernet switch and custom synchronization and sharing software – allowing the members of the orchestra to share code, beats, ideas and signals “in the moment”. The orchestra has performed in Hamilton, Montréal and Toronto – at TEDx conferences, at new music festivals, and myriad other events, alongside a growing roster of artistic friends and collaborators. Since 2010, the Cybernetic Orchestra has been the principle research site for the project “Scalable, Collective Traditions of Electronic Sound Performance”, supported by Canada’s Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). The orchestra’s two full-length albums (Esp.beat and Shift) can be heard at:


extramurosextramuros is a live coding trio out of Hamilton, Ontario. The group maps multi-dimensional found data onto multichannel sound objects and beats. Ian Jarvis creates The Becoming of an Audiophile NAISA webcast, and produces various audio projects under the names Audio Being and frAncIs. David Ogborn is the president of the Canadian Electroacoustic Community (CEC) and directs the Cybernetic Orchestra at McMaster University. Hailing from Northern Ontario, Kearon Roy Taylor is a recent graduate of McMaster University’s Studio Art programme, and co-founder of the Hamilton Audio/Visual Node for new media and installation art.