Hernani Villasenor (MX)

Hernani Villaseñor

Performing at the “Museo Universitario de Arte Contemporáneo”. September 2012, Mexico City.
Photo by Eduardo Obieta.

Hernani Villaseñor studied percussions at the “Conservatorio de Las Rosas” and the “Escuela Nacional de Música”, also Music Pedagogy at the “Universidad de Guadalajara”. He works at the “Taller de Audio del Centro Multimedia” in Mexico City.
As a musician, he is focused on electronic music, improvisation, electroacoustic composition and live coding. His work has been presented in Mexico, Argentina, Canada, North Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Italy.

The performance consists of a set of codes in a low-fi techno style that will be modified during the concert, rearranging and programming new patterns of its structure in the SuperCollider program.

Hernani Villaseñor on Soundcloud