IOhannes m zmoelnig (AT)

IOhannes m zmölnig is an Austria-based software­ and media­artist and member of the art­ collective “forum::für::umläute”.

He is currently working as a Senior Scientist (and lecturer; and sysadmin) at the Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics (IEM) in Graz, where he is also pursuing a PhD on the topic of “Live Coding”.

Being an active member of the FLOSS­ community, he is one of the core developers of the “Pure Data” (Pd) computer music environment, for which he also provides a number of add-­on libraries, including “Gem” for realtime­-graphics and “iemguts” which is targeted at writing live­-coding systems within Pd. IOhannes m zmölnig has performed concerts between Bergen and São Paolo.


“pointillism” is a solo live­coding performance in Pd. Both the code representation and the generated audio use “points” and “dots” as building blocks: the music is generated using morse code patterns, the code is written in “Braille” (the dot-­based writing system especially designed for blind/visually­impaired people).

The performance is an ironic statement on the popular “show-­us­-your-­screens” paradigm, by presenting the code in a form that does not even pretend to be readable.

A first instance of performance was premiered at the /*vivo*/ live-­coding symposium in Mexico City on 14. November 2013.