mblght – for you!

For his bachelor’s thesis Benjamin Graf developed a system to control professional lighting setups using industry standard protocols. It is based on the SuperCollider software environment and makes use of a lot of SuperCollider’s features to generate and modulate signals used to control lighting fixtures. This includes its abilities to do live coding. For the experienced user this creates a very flexible and creative environment.

To demonstrate the abilities of the system in a “Hands-On”-environment, this installation will provide code for the users to inspect and manipulate and will also allow to create own code controlling actual lighting fixtures.

Benjamin Graf

Benjamin Graf, born 1987 in Ulm, is a student of Music Informatics at IMWI ­(Institute for Musicology and Music Informatics) at the University of Music Karlsruhe since 2009. After his bachelor’s thesis in 2012 he continues to work on a wide variety of topics for his MA. For his work he often makes use of SuperCollider and other environments targeting the field of creative coding. He doesn‘t limit himself to the domain of sound and likes to experiment with other media as well.