[PB_UP] a patchwork portrait;

“Many have claimed that ‘The computer is the new folk guitar’; if this is so, then PB_UP is the first accoustic computer music folk band: The laptop is their only instrument.” Jonas Hummel translated this approach into a documentary film installation and worked out an unusual portrait of this unusual band. On laptops and three projections surrounded by a capturing quadrophonic sound collage, the visitor of the installation walks amidst an interactive environment, which illuminates the creative processes and the musical communication of this contemporary ensemble. Nine multiscreen-videoclips show different perspectives on the work of the “acoustic computer band” PowerBooks_UnPlugged.

Jonas Hummel

Jonas Hummel, born 1981 in Stuttgart, is a media artist & engineer working in the field of documentary film and field recording. Since 2012 he is a PhD researcher at Manchester Metropolitan University in the field of laptop music.

He first studied Political Science, then changed to Audiovisual Arts & Technology at the “Institute For Music and Media”, in Düsseldorf until 2011. During this time has done works on various topics related to music and different formats (documentary film, videoclip, av-installation).

He was introduced to live coding and SC-programming for network performance by Alberto DeCampo and Julian Rohrhuber as well as started to do circuit-bending with Hannes Hoelzl. The submitted installation was created from this influence. He plays regularly as improviser with his band of circuit-bent radios: The translocal RundFunk Orchestra as well as with other improvisers. Currently he researches on different live performance practices of laptop ensembles.