section_9 (UK)

section_9 is a Yorkshire based musician and artist working and exploring livecoding as an arts and musical practice. Working mainly with the programs ixi lang and SuperCollider, section_9 deals with livecoding for the dancefloor as well as exploring electroacoustic composition. section_9 has played alsongside acts such as yaxu, HELOpg, Ravelite, Juffage, neushlaufen, Headcleaner, Big Mister Doom, Urban Exploration, Wobble and Dubb and The York Laptop Ensemble.

section_9 writes dance music from scratch using livecoding programs ixi lang and SuperCollider. This particular set will start from a blank screen and be improvised quickly and build into a pulsating mix of straight and cross rhythms using synthesised and sampled sounds. Depending on the length of the set, the music will undulate up and down in intensity, slowly building and changing in a horizontal and vertical fashion. If the set goes well section_9 will invoke a crash in the software and bring the music to a screaching halt.
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