Stephane Shibatsuji-Perrin (FR)

Stéphane Shibatsuji-Perrin (b. 1973) is a noise musician performing mostly with homemade instruments and devices. Living in Tokyo since 2002, he has been deeply involved in the noise and experimental music scene of this city. Recently, he has been interested especially in the use of microcontrollers to generate sounds.
Some of his projects include Nunk on Droise (noise performance using breathalyzers), The Ningen Dogs Orchestra (performance with a drummer, sound-triggered lights and numerous light-sensitive battery operated toys), Les Belles Noiseuses (dozens of fashion dolls each fitted with a sound circuit), Kousenjuu (projection on light-sensitive screens that generate sounds) and TV BUG (an audio-visual performance using analog TVs).


Microcontroller Live Coding (uLC) is a musical performance that makes use of microcontrollers to generate sounds by live coding them without using a computer. Instead, a very simple interface constituted of only an LCD screen and a keyboard is used. To generate the sounds, algorithms are typed on the keyboard and then sent to the microcontrollers where they are parsed.
With uLC, the performer can run multiple algorithms in parallel as each microcontroller acts as a separate channel and can be loaded with its own algorithm. In addition, it is possible to delete, modify or concatenate the algorithms while performing. Variables can be used in the algorithms and modified live along with some other parameters.