Live coding is an active field of research in computer music and computer sciences alike. The symposium featured practitioners and researchers talking about their own live coding work and the field in general.

Saturday, April 20th
09:30 Scott Wilson, Norah Lorway, Rosalyn Coull, Tim Moyers, Konstantinos Vasilakos Free as in BEER: Some explorations into structured improvisation using networked live coding systems
10:00 Matthias Schneiderbanger Field report: Benoît and the Mandelbrots – Live code everything, everywhere.
10:30 Yorgos Diapoulis Live Hardware Coding
11:30 Hernani Villaseñor, Alexandra Cárdenas 9 minutes from scratch: A story of live coding in Mexico
12:00 Andrew R. Brown The Search for the Succinct: Live Coding Practice as Research
13:45 Alex McLean Tidal, Dirt and Texture
14:15 Chad McKinney Lich.js: Networked Audio/Visual Live Coding
14:45 Click Nilson Over ten years of live coding: My triumphs, my mistakes
Sunday, April 21st
10:00 Patrick Borgeat Networked Live Coding in SuperCollider with MandelHub
10:30 David Ogborn EspGrid and the live coding laptop orchestra
11:30 Benjamin Graf mblght – A live code-able system to control lighting based on the SuperCollider software environment
12:00 Andrew Sorensen Cyber-physical Programming: Livecoding beyond the audiovisual
13:00 Alberto de Campo, Julian Rohrhuber History and the Future of History – Where the Republic should go from here