Friday, 31 May

09:15Welcoming comments

Session 1

Chair: John Dack

09.30Tom Armstrong
Composing collaboration: Reporting on achievements and possibilities in two recent pieces
10:00Cristian Morales Ossio
Recursion: Creative-collaboration process, formalisation, and aesthetic implications in two of my recent works
10:30Patrick Friel
Ezra’s Telescope: “ein Weg in die Zukunft”
11:00Coffee/tea break

Session 2

Chair: Walter Kreyszig

11:15Mine Doğantan-Dack
Anthropomorphizing the musical instrument: The piano as collaborative partner
11:45Ellen Fallowfield
Multiphonics for stringed instruments: Creative collaboration drives knowledge
12:15Martin Scheuregger
Redefining idiomatic writing for the pedal harp
12:45Lunch break

Session 3

Chair: Ewan Stefani

14:00Alfonso Benetti
Creative collaboration and experimental remix practices: the recreation of Don’t Juan and Double by Constança Capdeville
14:30Sean Williams
New composition strategies and the EMS Synthi100
15:00Coffee/tea break

Session 4

Chair: Sean Williams

15:15Walter Kreyszig
Towards the formulation of a national musical style — The soundscape of R. Murray Schafer: Capturing the music of the north in outdoor settings
15:45John Dack
Les eaux murmurent
16:15Coffee/tea break

Conference Concert


MUTProbe 2
Claudia Robles-Angel»MINDSCAPE«
for light, octophonic sound, and brain waves
MUTProbe 1
Tom Armstrong»Tänze«
for two pianos

Mine Doğantan-Dack, piano
Tom Armstrong, piano
Javier Alejandro Garavaglia»Pathétique«
acousmatic music (2006/7)
2019 Version for High Density Loudspeaker Arrays (41.1)
Daniel Höpfner/
Michele Samarotto
»untitled av«

Saturday, 1 June

Session 5

Chair: John Dack

9:00Katerina Talianni
Collaborative creativity: The DIWO auditory culture example
9:30Javier Alejandro Garavaglia
Engagement with Music & Sound Art: A Matter of Education?
10:00Coffee/tea break

Session 6

Chair: Tom Armstrong

10:15Olga Zaitseva-Herz
Singing between continents: Musical change and hybridity in the songs of Ukrainian immigrants to Canada
10:45Lara Pearson
Oscillations, finger stresses, and slides: Gestural affordances and the Karnatak style
11:15Coffee/tea break

Session 7

Chair: Javier Garavaglia

11:30Jean Martin
Hearing Shadows - Making the invisible audible. An audio-visual installation for two screens and four loudspeakers using environmental, electronic and instrumental sounds and silence.
12:00Daniel Höpfner, Michele Samarotto
Untitled av: A Collaborative audio-Visual live coding performance based on a graphical approach to dynamic wave terrain synthesis
12:30Can Murtezaoğlu
Use of original film music in Turkish cinema
13:00Lunch break

Keynote presentation

Chair: Mine Doğantan-Dack

14:00Jane Ginsborg
Working Together: Collaborative Research on Collaborative Music Performance
15:00Coffee/tea break

Session 8

Chair: Tom Armstrong

15:15Manoli Moriaty
Interspecific Interactions: Organisation of sound and movement interaction in collaborative performance
15:45Elfriede Reissig
Creative collaboration and authorship in Gli “Canti del Capricorno”—Giacinto Scelsi and Michiko Hirayama
16:15Coffee/tea break

Sunday, 2 June

Session 9

Chair: Mine Doğantan-Dack

10:00Agata Kubiak
Creativity: How to define it and what ‘triggers' it in different types of collaboration
10:30Carsten Wernicke
Who or what Is making the sound? The role of musical interface designs as sources of situation and user-experience-generated cultural framing agents
11:00Claudia Robles-Angel
The human body as an audio-visual instrument
11:15Coffee/tea break

Session 10

Chair: John Dack

11:30Sébastien Lebray
The role of musical instruments in the characterisation of French house
12:00Kosmas Giannoutakis
A collaborative framework for the composition of instrumental music by a group of composers
12:30Ewan Stefani
Composing experimental music for analogue synthesizer ensemble